The Journey To Become A Professional Football Player

The journey to become a professional footballer doesn’t happen in 4, 6, 12, or even 18 months! Instead it takes years of hard work, practise, commitment, sacrifice and effort!
Since we opened Elite Sporting Performance in 2012, we have had twenty football players join our aspiring pro player development program. Each member said the same thing,  that they wanted to be a pro footballer, and that they would do whatever it took to become one.
However this is a hard journey, with many set-backs along the road, and as such we have had our fair share of ‘casualties’. From these twenty members, we have seen 55% leave our program. Why is that I hear you ask?
The simple reason is that what we ask from our players at ESP is very hard, and not everyone is cut out for the task. It takes incredible commitment to attend the extra 6-10 hours training each week, on top of their individual club football training. Our players essentially train six days per week including school and/or work. On top of the training we do with them, we ask them to critique their performance; to practise their skills for thousands of hours; to eat a calorific, healthy well balanced and nutritionally sound diet; to sleep 8-10 hours minimum per day; to practise mind skills training and visualisation; and to think about football, and being successful 24/7. Football stops being a hobby, and instead becomes a lifestyle!
The ‘survivors’ in our program are truly committed to the journey, and will sacrifice the time and much more to become successful. They do what a great player does each and every day to become great, rather than just when they feel like it. They understand that champions aren’t born, instead that they are made with blood, sweat and tears. They know that the only way to become the best player they can be is to work hard every single day with focused direction, and to never, ever stop. They know that they are maybe not there yet…but certainly they are one step closer than they were yesterday!

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