Mind Skills Training

What is Mind Skills Training?

Mind skills training (MST) is a hugely under rated element of athletic performance. Essentially it involves highlighting issues or ‘bugs’ in an athletes mind set that are limiting their performance. Once these issues are highlighted then a management plan, and strategies to resolve them can begin.

How does MST help?

MST  helps an athlete prepare mentally, so that they are at their most confident, and can perform at their best consistently. Using an MST ‘toolbox’ of techniques it helps the athlete to deal with pressure situations, anxiety, dips in performance, and confidence issues. Too often athletes wait until they have a problem before seeking help. ESP equip athletes with the tools to deal with these situations before they impact performance.

Who performs MST at elite sporting performance?

Mark is our resident expert in this field having incorporated these strategies, and techniques firstly as a professional athlete, and also as an experienced coach whilst working in the Scottish Rugby Union.

Is it sport psychology?

No, however a lot of the strategies are similar.

How do I book in for this?

To book a session with mark call him directly on 07793 726457.

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