10 Session Discount Card

What is the discount card?

The discount card allows clients to make savings on block bookings of ten sessions.

What services does it cover?

Choose from the list of elite services below, and use as needed.


How much does it cost?

10 sessions for £350

Why should I buy this package?

  • Save money on physiotherapy treatments
  • Get stronger, faster, and more powerful, with one to one strength and conditioning sessions
  • Continue training without ongoing injuries
  • Implement and learn mind skills training techniques 
  • Benefit from regular sports massage into your training program!
  • Have your training programs properly structured with professional support and goal setting
  • Become the best athlete you can be
  • Learn the powerlifting movements and follow a structured training program

How long does the card last?

There is no expiry date to the card. Use the sessions as you require.

How do i buy an athlete package?

Please contact us to purchase a block of ten sessions.

Athlete Testimonial

“I first went to ESP for physiotherapy following a back injury which left me in constant pain, heavily medicated, and struggling with day to day life. After one session with Lewis he diagnosed the problem, and was able to give me a treatment plan which got me back to weightlifting within 3 months of rehab. I came to ESP as a crossfitter with an interest in powerlifting, and when I had progressed enough to begin powerlifting I had no doubt in my mind that Lewis would be the best person to coach me in my lifting, and training so that I could compete in powerlifting.

Lewis designed a training program that was specific to my individual needs, and goals. I use the discount package as it gives me the best value for money allowing me to take more one to one coaching sessions, and flexibility to use the sessions however I need them, mostly for strength, and conditioning,  sports massage, and mind skills training. On top of that I get regular support with nutrition, mentoring, and goal setting.

Both Lewis and Mark are passionate in what they do, and their commitment to me as an athlete has been invaluable in making me a better athlete, and all round person. My strength, and confidence in my training, and myself has never been better, and continues to improve with every session. In twelve months since attending with my injured back, I have not only got better, and trained in powerlifting but I have competed in two competitions and almost qualified for the Bristish championships! I know from personal experience having worked with several different personal trainers, coaches, multiple gym memberships which never get used, I get everything I need at ESP and more.”

Sarah Allison | Scottish U90kg Powerlifter


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